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I am thrilled to invite you to take the next step in your healing journey and learn more about your health journey.

Upon review of your application, we'll notify you of my review and how we'll proceed. If you qualify for our SuperHealing Discovery Session,
I will invite you to schedule a call to discuss your application, answer your questions about our SuperHealing Group Coaching Program and get more information about your health goals.

During our discovery session call:

*We will explore:

  1. The specific lifestyle/wellness areas that need to be addressed

  2. How to efficiently and effectively help your body awaken its true health potential

  3. How to establish a solid foundation for your healing and health improvement

  4. How to confidently build upon your existing health achievements and to accelerate achieving your health and wellness goals.

While my SuperHealing Discovery Session is valued at $500. **The truth is, it is a priceless gift and a life-changing opportunity to understand the next steps you need to take to help your body heal and more efficiently respond to your treatment.

Please take a few minutes to complete our qualifying application , to help us begin to understand and explore with you how we can best assist your healing goals and aspirations.

With love and blessings,
Dr. Elaine

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